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Wrestling Clinics

Are you interested in having Brandon coach a group of young wrestlers?

Wrestling Clinics
Posing with a couple future champions!

Brandon will teach wrestlers the foundation of wrestling which he defines as Position, Penetration, and Prevention.

One-Day Clinic

Brandon will build upon this foundation to show successful set-ups and his Gold Medal-winning devastating double leg takedown. If time permits, he will teach motion, more set-ups, a single leg plus finishes, a high crotch, his underhook series, how to counter attack, and the quick-out stand-up.

During the Freestyle Season

Brandon will explain the freestyle scoring system and mindset as well as teach his world-famous gut wrench. The same move he used to beat the three-time Olympic Champion and six-time World Champion Buvaisar Saitiev from Russia! He will show a leg lace and the ultra importance of getting a takedown and going immediately into a turn.

Multi-Day Clinic

All the above will be taught and much more. Added time with Brandon will allow you to truly pick an Olympic Champion’s mind on nutrition, weight training, and the myriad of lessons he learned along his 18-year journey to the Olympic Gold Medal.

To schedule a clinic, please email Brandon at or go to the contact page and submit the form.

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